Introduction to the Special Issue “Parental work and family/child well-being”

Keywords: shift work, working hours, commuting, parental well-being, child-wellbeing


The "new economy" is characterized by increasing levels of nonstandard employment. A significant proportion of employees work very long hours, work with high intensity, or have long commutes to work. Also, many workers struggle to secure adequate, stable employment or good quality jobs, and work evening and night shifts or work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. This special issue examines the consequences of the new economy for the wellbeing of family and children. The studies included in this special issue address the impact of parents’ nonstandard work schedules (shift work), long work hours, temporary employment, and long commutes to work on parental and child health and wellbeing, relationship satisfaction, work-family balance, and the division of labour.

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Pollmann-Schult, M., & Li, J. (2020). Introduction to the Special Issue “Parental work and family/child well-being”. Journal of Family Research, 32(2), 177-191.