Cooperations and support

For years the JFR was subscription based, mainly published in German, and hardly considered as an outlet of choice for international scholars. We are cooperating with the "Research Network 13 - Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives of the European Sociological Association" to raise the awareness for our "re-launched" European/international Open Access Journal and invite international scholars, such as the members of the ESA RN13, to submit their manuscripts to our journal. Suggestions for Special Issues from ESA RN13 members and its working groups are always welcome.

Current projects

Special Issue about "Family lives during the COVID-19 pandemic in European Societies", guest edited by Ulrike Zartler, Katarzyna Suwada, and Michaela Kreyenfeld (2021/2022).

Special Issue about "Labor market, families and public policies shaping gender and parenting", guest edited by Almudena Moreno Mínguez, Pedro Romero Balsas, and Inga Laß (2021/2022).