Editorial Team


Henriette Engelhardt-W├Âlfler, University of Bamberg & ifb Bamberg, Germany (info)


Anette Eva Fasang, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany (info)
Birgit Pfau-Effinger, University of Hamburg, Germany (info)
Matthias Pollmann-Schult, University of Siegen, Germany (info)
Florian Schulz, ifb Bamberg, Germany (info)
Ulrike Zartler, University of Vienna, Austria (info)

Editorial Office

The Editorial Office of the Journal of Family Research is located at the State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg, Germany.

The Editorial Office is staffed with Florian Schulz (Managing Director of the journal), Marcel Raab (Deputy Managing Director) and Judith Mallandain (Editorial Assistant).

Contact: jfr@ifb.uni-bamberg.de