JFR has renewed its abstract guidelines


JFR has renewed its abstract guidelines. As of now, abstracts must be supplied as follows - please also check our submission guidelines (https://ubp.uni-bamberg.de/jfr/index.php/jfr/about/submissions):

Abstract and keywords

Each manuscript must include a structured abstract of about 200 - 225 words, in the following format:

  • Objective (1 sentence): Describe the main question of the paper.
  • Background (2-3 sentences): Briefly locate the study in the research context.
  • Method (2-3 sentences): Briefly describe the sample (size, population, type), design, measures, and analytical approach.
  • Results (2-3 sentences): Summarize main findings of the study.
  • Conclusion (1 sentence): Briefly state the main message of the paper.

Authors must further supply at least 3 keywords that are not in the title of the manuscript.

Please note that, upon acceptance, the abstract and key words are needed in German language, too. You will be asked to provide both in the course of the production process. The editorial office may provide support, if the author does not speak German.